Denver Public Schools Small Business Enterprise Policy Approved and SBE Program Update

DENVER, Colo. 8 Jan 2019 /DPS Office of Business Diversity/ — The Denver Public Schools Small Business Enterprise (SBE) Program has concluded the first pilot year and the Office of Business Diversity (OBD) would like to thank the vendors who have participated in this first-of-a-kind program for a Colorado School District. In response to the pilot program review and District policy updates, the Office of Business Diversity (OBD) has implemented a new policy, pursuant to Board Resolution 2621, the Small Business Enterprise Policy. This policy will implement the “Rule of 2’s” allowing the business community to participate in opportunities through the Facilities Management, Construction Services and Operational Support Services departments for project scopes valued $0-$150,000.

The Rule of 2 states that any contracting category identified by the Office of Business Diversity qualifies for the Small Business Set Aside Program if 2 or more eligible SBEs apply into any specific section of the identified contract.

Local businesses in the following trades are encouraged to apply into their respective contracting categories: Electrical, Grounds, HVAC, Plumbing, Protective Coatings (Paint/Plaster/Drywall), Structural. The District anticipates these categories to be bid in the coming months. Additional contracts may be included and will be announced through the Office of Business Diversity.

OBD will only accept the certifications listed below that align with Small Business Administration size standards as set forth in Title 13, Code of Federal Regulations, part 121 (13 CFR part 121), Small Business Size Regulations.

Accepted Certifications

  • City and County of Denver SBE
  • SBA 8(a)

Exception: Contract BD 1908, Prime SBE Architectural and MEP Services, will only accept City and County of Denver SBE certification

Currently BD 1903 – HVAC services is out to bid, scheduled return date – Friday, February 1st at 10:00 am. SBEs are encouraged to apply and identify their respective categories (HVAC Control Systems, Boiler Repair and Maintenance, Chiller Repair and Maintenance, HVAC Equipment Repair, Water Treatment and Pneumatic Controls).

For additional information please contact the Small Business Program Coordinator, Jennifer Malpiede at