Goods and Services Spend

Strategic Sourcing Opportunities

Jan 1st – Dec 31st 2019
Type of Contract  # of Bid Opportunities # of Diverse Companies personally engaged to participate # of Diverse Companies Participating # of Diverse Companies Awarded a Contract
Normal Goods & Services Bid/RFP* 16 52 6 2
Specialty Contract** 20 0 0 0
Co-Operative & Price Agreement*** 37 0 0 0
Total: 73 52 6 2

*Normal Goods and Services (non-specialty)

**Specialty contracts are procurements for textbooks, spices, tutoring & educational support, school quality review, etc.

***Co-op’s and Price Agreements are agreements that can be utilized for large or unique purchases such as; playground equipment, auto parts, radio communication equipment, medical supplies, etc.

  • Currently 7.9% of NG&S spend is spent with MWBE’s ($8.8M of $111.2M)

-Disparity study needs to be conducted to establish a formal goal if warranted