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History of the Office of Business Diversity

The DPS Business Diversity Outreach Program (BDOP) was developed in 1992 with the goal of outreaching to diverse businesses and providing support, guidance and training to ensure an equitable opportunity to participate in DPS construction projects. In 2016, BDOP was renamed the Office of Business Diversity (OBD) to reflect the expanded programming and diversity efforts of the department.

Through the efforts of this program, many minority and women-owned businesses have formed fruitful relationships with DPS as well as their peers in the contracting community. DPS has also formed partnerships that have helped to build continuous improvement, collaboration and awareness of changes that may be needed.

Through the Office of Business Diversity, we have organized numerous outreach activities and more being scheduled for the future. These include:

For questions regarding the programming offered by OBD you may contact:

Murugan Palani, Director, at 720-423-1921

Zach Donnenfeld, Compliance Analyst, at 720-423-1858

Jennifer Malpiede, Outreach Coordinator, at 720-423-1920

Email us at



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Resolution 2621

Equal Opportunity Contracting