Our #1 Goal: Great Schools in Every Neighborhood

Denver voters approved bond and mill funding:

  • $572 million in bond funding to build and improve schools
  • $56.6 million in operating dollars to support proven initiatives, such as early literacy.

2016 Bond

  • A $252 million investment in maintaining facilities
    • Including funding for critical maintenance items that are necessary for the safe operation of schools.
      • Approximately half of DPS facilities were built before 1969; the oldest buildings are also the largest, encompassing about 2/3 of the district’s total square feet.
  • $70 million to provide cooling solutions for our 79 schools with partial or no air-conditions (includes classroom air-conditioning at the hottest 18 buildings)
  • $26 million in sustainability
    • Converting entire district to LED lighting.
  • A $70 million investment to increase student technology access
    • Would significantly bolster the number of schools offering one device per student as well as the number of schools allowing students to take a device home.
  • Includes a flexible award to 151 schools/programs averaging $90,000 to make targeted improvements such as new, personalized furniture or upgrading classrooms to science labs.
  • $142 million investment in constructing new schools and creating additions to existing schools to support the projected 4,000-student enrollment increase by 2020.
    • Measure includes:
      • Building a new campus in Far Northeast Denver to address elementary and middle school enrollment needs
      • Expanding a campus in Far Northeast Denver to address high school enrollment needs
      • Creating an early childhood center at Place Bridge Academy; and
      • Expanding five proven programs that are over capacity by a total of 500 seats.
  • A $108 million investment in upgrading learning environments at our older facilities, including focused investments at our large “baby boomer”-era secondary facilities that have received minimal visible updates or remodels in recent decades.
    • Includes Abraham Lincoln, Thomas Jefferson, John F. Kennedy and George Washington high schools.

2016 Mill Levy

  • Social emotional supports and enrichments: A $15 million investment to help all schools meet the social and emotional needs of their students, a key need identified by DPS classroom teachers.
    • Schools can target flexible funding based on their students’ needs.
  • Support for high-quality teachers and leaders: A $14.5 million investment in programs such as Teacher Leadership and Collaboration
    • A leadership model that allows our best teachers to coach and grow other teachers in their schools while staying true to their first love, teaching their own classroom of kids.
  • Early literacy: A $6.8 million investment will target training to all teachers in grades ECE-3
    • Bolster interventions for struggling readers, ensuring students are reading on grade level by grade 3.
    • Students who reach this benchmark are four times more likely to graduate than those who don’t.
  • College and career readiness: An $8 million investment in real-world college and career readiness opportunities such as DPS Career Connect
    • Students in this program are 30% more likely to graduate than their peers across all high schools and demographic groups.
  • Classroom technology: A $6.6 million investment to ensure students have the tools to prepare them for the 21st Century.
    • This investment will more than double the schools able to provide a device for every student, from 34 to 77, while providing flexible funds to allow schools to replace outdated devices.
  • Great learning environments: A $4.9 million investment in preventative, proactive, deferred and predictive maintenance in Denver classrooms.
  • Improved access to educational opportunities: A $400,000 investment to support low-income high school students who need transportation.